Welcome and experience the healing hands of our local chiropractor. When looking for a chiropractor in Lincoln, NE, don’t hesitate to seek our services. Dr. Wawers offers body pain management and a variety of other natural and effective treatments. There’s no need to continue experiencing body pain when we have the best chiropractor in town. We offer our services to people who have suffered injuries from accidents. While most people will heal from surface injuries, deeper injuries might persist. Our chiropractor has experience with such injuries and offers treatment.

Get Excellent Chiropractic Care

By visiting our clinic, our experts will help you perform exercises in areas where you’re experiencing pain and discomfort. Follow our guidance, and the pain will start to lessen. We will also advise and show you the best exercises to do at home. We offer free care sessions every Monday at our clinic for those suffering from back pain.

Expert Advice on Lifestyle Management

We coach our clients on how to manage their lifestyle because, in most instances, it’s the cause of body pains. After assessing your various body needs, we advise on the best exercises and create a diet plan. Our chiropractor helps you live a happy and healthy life by advising you on the best vitamins and supplements.

Chiropractic Treatment for Your Young Ones

They say prevention is better than cure. Bring your young ones and let us help you manage conditions such as colic. Unfortunately, some children in their early childhood have spines that begin to curve inwards, a condition known as scoliosis. Our chiropractor can correct this condition by performing spinal adjustments and certain therapies and exercises. If you have teens involved in sports, chiropractic care helps relieve muscle aches and pains. We also train them on how to prevent sports injuries.

Why Choose Lincoln Chiropractic Center?

Not only do we have the best chiropractor near you if you’re in Lincoln, but our services are also top-notch. We offer therapies for rare conditions such as Myofascial Pain Syndrome. By combining chiropractic care and a treatment known as Myofascial Release, we help you heal from this condition. You can also get services such as therapeutic ultrasound and dynamic x-ray at our Lincoln clinic.

Contact Lincoln Chiropractic Center in Lincoln, NE

Visit Lincoln Chiropractic Center or book an appointment by calling us at (402) 464-5567. Alternatively, you can book us to perform a free screening at your workplace. We also offer screenings for the Lincoln community in malls, health fairs, and community events.

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